4 thoughts on “40% of Atheists Believe in God! – or – Somebody at Newsweek Oughta Be Fired

  1. I am leaning towards someone needs to be fired…or the people answering the poll just got tired of answering questions by the time they got to number 12 that they just said yes to get it over…I know I get that way with surveys


  2. I disagree with your analysis.It’s entirely possible to be an agnostic and believe in God because agnosticism deals with the epistemology of God’s existence. Agnosticism and theism are not mutually exclusive.Additionally, it is bad statistics to add 13% and 27%. There is likely overlap between the groups, ie. a person believes God guided the process of evolution AND created humans in their present form.


  3. Fair enough. I just thought it eyebrow-raising that God-contingent responses show up under the atheist banner. And this post’s headline is a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for a title to the poll, not some sort of serious attempt at a point.


  4. That is precisely why I dislike poll questions dealing with religion.All of the nuance and diversity of belief are filtered out, rarely yielding any meaningful information.


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