The Vindication of Mark Green

From the Associated Press:

A lawsuit over nearly $468,000 in campaign funds Republican Mark Green had wanted to use in his unsuccessful race against Gov. Jim Doyle was settled Friday.
Under the agreement reached with the state Elections Board, Green is prohibited from using the money for another run for office, but he can tap into it to pay for legal fees and make contributions to other candidates.-The case had been pending before the state Supreme Court.
Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the Elections Board, said the board and Green had “agreed to disagree about the law” but the settlement allows both sides to move on.
Green had put the money aside in a separate account while the case was pending. He is now working as an attorney in private practice in Green Bay.
The Elections Board ordered Green in August to get rid of the $468,000 in donations because the money came from out-of-state political action committees that had not registered in Wisconsin.
Under the settlement, both sides agreed that Green had complied with previous decisions by the Elections Board on similar issues, current interpretation of the law and instructions provided by the board’s staff. The settlement also says the board’s actions against Green were based on the panel’s interpretation of relevant state laws.

I suppose it’s nice that Green’s goodwill seems to have the last word, but the damage has been done. He was smeared in the minds of many Wisconsin voters, and how many are going to find out now that he really isn’t a crook?

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